Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wright's Bar B Q, Mexia, Texas

 Sampled about 4:30 pm, 9/25/10

After several strike-outs on finding open Q joints in Groesbeck, we stumbled back to Mexia and we were HUNGRY!  We had passed by Wright's on the way down south and happily noticed that they were open til 6 pm.   Inside we ordered up a 3 meat combo and we didn't have to wait long til the nice lady brought us our plate.  Damn!  We forgot to ask for sauce on the side and the meat was swimming in it.  Oh well, we were so hungry at this point we didn't really care. 

The rib I had kicked some nice smoke flavor, even through the sauce, but was a bit on the chewy side.  The sauce was a rich tomato sauce and honestly didn't add much except to mask the flavor of the meat.  The brisket was very tender and also had a nice smoke kick that fought its way through the drenching of sauce.  The sausage was average fine grind and nothing to get excited about.  The beans tasted a lot like Ranch Style, straight from the can.  The tater salad was a very nice creamy style and was well above average.  I have a feeling that undrenched, that meat was way above average, but it will take a return visit to prove it.  We shall definitely pull a MacArthur, here.


  1. On Hwy 14 (Martin Luther King) just south of 84 in Mexia. A quick google will pull it up.