Thursday, June 1, 2023

Dayne's Craft BBQ, Fort Worth


Sampled June 1, 2023 about 11:45 am.

Happy birthday to me!  This was my first chance to get back to Dayne's since they moved out west of the Fort Worth 820 loop.  Good as ever, just a bit further to go.  We got there about 11:10 am and were about number 20 back in the line.  The line moved quickly and we had our food in about 30 minutes.  I got the Texas Trinity, all 3 sausages, and 1/3 lb of the pork belly brisket.  The Mrs got a sliced brisket sandwich and told me she might need to get some sauce to put on it.  I recommended she take a bite or two first.  She confirmed no sauce was needed.  Atta girl!  The Margarita Pizza sausage might sound strange, but it just tasted like good Italian sausage to me.

The dining room is cozy and the AC works pretty well.  Well worth a trip to the west side of Tarrant County!

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