Saturday, September 26, 2009

5th annual Calories and Cholesterol Tour!

If we were the Starship Enterprise, our five year mission of exploration would be complete. Thank goodness we're just eating barbecue! There seems to be no limit to the number of BBQ joints in Texas to sample so we have years and years of "work" ahead of us! Yay! As usual this year's tour included some of our favorite places from previous tours, plus a bunch of new (to us) places we had not tried before. I have to say we did not have a bad meal this year. Some were GREAT but none were less than good or average. We visited Lillian, Burnet, Bertram, Spicewood, Austin, Lockhart, Luling, Gonzales, Smithville, Halletsville, Schulenburg, and Marlin. Over 6 days we ate at 13 different places. As always, I will mention that the opinions expressed below are just that, opinions, and are valid for that piece of meat on that particular day. Anybody can have a bad day or a great day with BBQ. the trick is serving consistently great food day after day, visit after visit. Someday Scott will put up his own blog and he can tell you how wrong I am about everything.

Remember, you can click on the photos for larger versions.

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