Thursday, September 24, 2009

City Market - Luling, Texas

sampled 9/24/09 around 5 pm

Following a long and interesting visit to the Gonzales museum, we headed to Halletsville where we found our chosen destination, Novosad's BBQ, closed! Not permanently, but for a couple of days, according to the sign. We next wandered down to Yoakum looking for a joint called Honey Do BBQ. After we failed to find it, I inquired at the chamber of commerce and was informed they had recently moved out of town down 77 closer to Victoria. They also recommended Fat Albert's BBQ in Yoakum which hadn't moved out of town. Well that was good enough for us, so we wandered over there and found them closed until 4:30 pm. It being 3:30 and us not having much to kill time in Yoakum for an hour, we opted to backtrack and have another go at City Market in Luling. Dang, it sure is tuff having to take that as our 4th choice. :) Yum! Awesome as always.

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  1. Great reviews, Don. This is all excellent information to have as we head out on any road trip in Texas.
    It reminds me that I need to always be on the look-out for BBQ joints as I travel.
    Will let you know what I find.