Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Opie's BBQ - Spicewood, Texas

sampled 09/22/09 about noon

We'd heard a lot of high praise for this joint so we thought we'd swing by and check it out for ourselves. Frankly, I don't get it. With the first bite of brisket Scott said "roast beef". And that's pretty much what it tasted like, not BBQ. It was tender and moist but no smoke flavor at all. The ribs were chewy and a bit dry, again with no discernible smoke flavor. The sausage was almost a clone of what I had at the Burnet Feed Store which was an excellent fine grind jalapeno sausage. Easily the best meat I had at this joint on this day. The highlights of the meal, and Scott concurred, were the sauce and the chocolate chunk brownie. The sauce was a very nice mix of sweet and spicy and was easily the best sauce we have had on this trip, so far. The brownie was massive and had some real heft to it. Big chocolate chunks inside accounted for the extra weight and were most welcome. Maybe we just came on a bad day, but on this visit Opie's certainly did not live up to the praise we have heard elsewhere.

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