Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zimmerhanzel's BBQ - Smithville, Texas

sampled 9/23/09 about noon

Another place which makes many lists and I can see why. This is another home run spot, snd cheap, too! For about $9 I got a 3 meat plate with 1 rib, 1 sausage, and some nice brisket. All was first rate, top of the line BBQ meat. The smoke flavor of the brisket was subtle, but stayed with you. We have had some that was more tender this trip (it cut easily with a plastic knife) but this was as tasty as any. The sausage was a flavorful coarse ground and the casing was just slightly tough. I had a little trouble getting through some of it with a plastic knife, yet it chewed just fine. Just the right amount of moisture, not greasy or dry. I wish they had a spicier version, but their mild was tasty. The rib I had was the highlight. It was as good as North Main and I don't get to say that too often. If we weren't having another BBQ meal a few hours later I would have gone back and had a couple more ribs. They were falling off the bone tender and plenty of smoke flavor with a perfect crust. The tater salad was very good with a mayo base and sweet pickle flavoring. I liked it a lot. The pinto beans were perfect, too. The sauce had a unique taste, sweet and very tomato-ey with a bit of tang. Maybe I'm crazy, but it sort of tasted like V8 with honey. It was actually pretty good! This place certainly deserves its lofty reputation.

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