Monday, August 19, 2013

Burnet Feedstore BBQ, Burnet, Texas 8/19/13

Sampled about 4 pm
We last sampled this place in 2009.  Here's the review:

Other than a fancy new sign out front and a big metal cow and chicken flanking John Wayne inside, this place appeared pretty much the same as our last visit.  We had originally planned a full meal here since we had heard from some people that they had slipped a bit from our last visit.  However running across too many new joints to try, we settled for a small snack of some brisket and ribs.  Scott had it fresh and noted the brisket was the first to have a long lasting smoke flavor that lingered.  He said the rib was pretty good, too.  I sampled later after some time in the fridge and noted some good smoke flavor as well.  So, no matter what else you may have heard, do not write this place off just yet.  We will be back for a full investigation soon. 

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