Thursday, August 22, 2013

West End Cafe, Taylor, Texas 8/22/13

sampled about 12:30 pm
On the way into Taylor to visit Mr Vencil we spied this joint on the west side of town.  On the way back to the Pickle Parkway we stopped for a sample.  There are sort of two big rooms here, one in the back with a pool table, and a small dining room up front with the counter.  A friendly lady took our order for one plate of brisket and ribs and she offered to split our single plate for us to share.  When the food arrived we had more than one plate full of food on two plates.  Ribs and brisket were both undercooked and more than a little chewy.  There was no smoke flavor in anything.  Sides were average.  Another average joint with a better than average exterior.

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