Monday, August 19, 2013

The Green Fly BBQ & Country Store, Lake Victor, Texas 8/19/13

sampled about 3:30 pm
We passed this joint driving down on Sunday but after 3 BBQ meals already we made a note to return the next day.  For the record, Lake Victor is about 10 miles north of Burnet on 281.  Closed Tuesday.  No website that I could find, but there is a Facebook page without very much on it.  The boss man said they had been open since a little before Memorial day, so about 3 months.

This is a down home country store place with a small BBQ restaurant inside.  As we pulled up an officer from the county sheriff's office was leaving with some BBQ to go.  Usually a good sign.  Inside we opted for a rib plate and a 2 meat plate with sausage and brisket.  The brisket was nice and tender with good moisture and some decent smoke, mainly in the well rendered fat.  It did well on the pull apart test.  The sausage was that same average jalapeno sausage with little flavor I had the day before.  The proprietor told me he got his sausage from an outfit in Waco who delivers to many other BBQ places around central Texas.  There should be warning signs.  The ribs were nice baby backs with good moisture and flavor that left a good bite mark.  Good ribs.  I had tater salad and baked beans for sides and they were average.  They had a nice selection of Dublin Bottling products for drinks. 

As we finished we were offered a sample of their home made peach ice cream.  Honestly, I could not taste peach flavor in the ice cream, but it was a very nice vanilla flavor so I caved and got a bowl. 

Overall this was a good little joint and above average.  Worth a stop.  You can tell Scott's rib plate because of all the salad.

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