Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hays County BBQ, San Marcos, Texas 8/20/13

sampled about 6 pm
We last sampled this place in 2007.  Here is the review (be sure to read the comments following): http://donobbq.blogspot.com/2007/10/southwest-market-woodys-san-marcos.html

When Scott suggested this joint (a new Texas Monthly top 50) as a stop on this year's tour, I looked it up on google maps and used their street view to scope out the building.  It looked really familiar, then it hit me this was Southwest Market/Woody's we had sampled back in 2007 and had really enjoyed.  They have done a lot of work since then.  The metal shed has been encased in stone, the dining room has been expanded into a part that was closed off on our last visit, and there are multiple catering trucks and portable pits out back.  Obviously they are doing great business.  With the food they have it's not surprising.

Despite 3 earlier BBQ meals, I dug into a 3 meat plate and had no problem polishing it off.  The brisket was just a tad dry but the burnt ends had nice smoke flavor.  The ribs were excellent, moist, tender, and pulled away from the bone easily.  The sausage was the best I had on this trip.  On my first bite of their jalapeno cheese sausage I could really taste the jalapeno.  Not just the heat, but the pepper itself.  Check out the photo below to see just how chock full that sausage is of jalapeno and cheddar.  Good good stuff.  It was just slightly mushy, but the flavor was fantastic.  The name may have changed, again, but there is still some mighty fine BBQ to eat here.  Scott did spy one leftover Woody's sign, but I kinda miss the weird fish grilling a steak sign. 

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