Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miller's Smokehouse, Belton, Texas 8/22/13

sampled about 1 pm
We first tried to visit this place back in 2010 but first managed to find them open in 2011.  Here's the review:

A recent first time pick to Texas Monthly's top 50, we were looking forward to stopping by to see all the changes.  The Texas BBQ Posse reported on the expansion here when Miller's moved their meat processing to a new site and expanded their seating into the back.  They have more than doubled their seating area and with their food they may need to grow some more.  There is a nice new logo and they're even into selling t-shirts now.  What hasn't changed is their excellent food.  On this trip I just grabbed 2 pounds of sliced brisket to go.  Also a delicious home made brownie that didn't quite make it out the door.  I sampled the brisket when we got home and it had excellent smoke flavor, moisture, and tenderness.  My Mrs also raved on it.  Top 50 indeed!

Don't be fooled by the big highway signs the other place in town has on I-35.  Drive right past them and turn right at the first stop sign, then look for Miller's right next to the Belton Journal.

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